Courtney and Sam Maternity Shoot – Dec 6th 2021

I captured Courtney and Sam’s wedding last year and it was wonderful that they came back to me to ask me to photograph their next step in their life together… becoming parents!


The light was amazing down at Moana on sunday night and so we took the opportunity to relax and create some wonderful memories!


Congratulations Courtney and Sam and thankyou so much for trusting me with these precious memories. I cannot wait to see your little mini Sam come into this world!



Adelaide Maternity Photographer





Courtney and Sam – 20.02.2021

It was within the stunning surrounds of Woodhouse Manor that Courtney and Sam joined hands in the company of god, friends and family to unite and become husband and wife.
After a bit of chasing on Sam’s part, these 2 adventurers found love with each other and now have a beautiful house, fur baby and their lives to look forward to together.
It was an honour being chosen to photograph your day Courtney and Sam and we can’t wait to see the next step you take together!
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Taylor and James – 09th January 2021

It was fast food at first sight …. I mean love at first sight when these two lovebirds met in their local Hungry Jacks and…. the rest is a loved up history.

Taylor and James celebrated in front of family and friends in the beautifully setup function room at the Lakes Hotel and then danced the night away (young and old) in the same function room for their reception at the Lakes.

Congratulations Taylor and James and we wish you the happiest future together along with your baby (the camper trailer)


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Lauren and Kyle – 19th December 2020

Well it was the last wedding of the year for us and we celebrated in Disney Style with Lauren and Kyle!
It was like a scene out of Cinderella when Lauren walked down the aisle arm in arm with her father, her wedding gown sparkling as she locked eyes with Kyle – her Prince Charming.
The beautiful castle of Serafino Winery hosted their romantic royal ball and they were cheered on by friends and family as they took the floor to have their first dance as husband and wife.
Congratulations Lauren and Kyle and I really hope you have the most magical happily ever after life together!


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Donna + Sean 5th December 2020

Well it was literally through high wind and rain that Donna walked down the aisle to meet her man!
Whilst Donna and Sean may have started their journey together online, they celebrated the next step in the beautiful surrounds of centenary steps at Port Elliot via a little detour of a friendly neighbours balcony to give us all a chance to dry off and complete their beautiful ceremony.
We then had a lovely stroll around Green Bay and took some epic beach photos!
adelaide wedding photographer
Port Elliot South Australia – Wedding Photographer
Adelaide Wedding Photographer
Port Elliot South Australia – Wedding Photographer

Jo + Simon 02.02.2020

Here is a little love story…
Once upon a time there was a volunteer called Jo and she was volunteering with the local noarlunga SES unit and in the same unit was a volunteer called Simon. It all started when Simon and Jo got assigned to a few of the same jobs together and there fellow unit members could see the love blossoming to the point where they would make sure that when ready to go on a truck to a job, they made sure Jo and Simon got on the same truck a few times to ensure they could continue their love story… and it did…. to the point that on Sunday the 2nd of February they joined hands and declared their true love for one another in front of their orange family and their non orange family and friends.
The team at SA State Emergency Service were kind enough to allow Jo and Simon to celebrate in style at the noarlunga unit headquarters where the vehicle shed was transformed into a quirky and wonderful playground where there was an icecream machine, a slushie machine, a caricature artist, a beautiful grazing table, and a fairy floss artist that was accompanied by some beautiful vintage accessories along with a jumpy castle for both kids and adults outside.
The ceremony was held in front of the famous USAR rubble pile and was officiated by Jo’s uncle who did a lovely reading whilst in his Army Camos as Gerald is a Salvation Army Red Shield Defence Service Representative. Jo and Simon sealed the deal by signing the marriage certificate on Simon’s fathers vintage desk and they walked the aisle in style as husband and wife surrounded by bubbles!
Things took a very FUN turn after that with a quick trip down to the Port Noarlunga jetty so they could finish in style by joining hands and jetty jumping in full wedding attire.
Lots of laughs were had and they truly celebrated their love for each other their way and in their style and it was glorious to witness and be a part of!
Congratulations Jo and Simon!

What your wedding photographers should have to keep your memories safe!


Do you ever hear stories like the poor couple who’s photographer’s SD cards got corrupted on the day and they lost all their wedding photos?

 What about the story of the wedding photographer who’s car got stolen and the SD cards were inside…. or the photographer who had uploaded the photo’s to their computer and then it blew up during mid editing? 

In all these instances… the photos (your precious memories) could have been saved, not lost, not stolen and could have stuck around for years to come.

I thought I would write a bit of a blog post about what questions you should seriously ask your photographer before booking when it comes to the security of your photos and a checklist of 10 things every professional photographer should have in place to ensure the safe keeping of your precious memories.


10 Questions you should ask your wedding photographer regarding the security of your images


What kind of cameras do you use?

How many camera’s do you operate with on the day?

What happens if your SD cards get corrupted?

How do you ensure the safety of my images before handover day?

What kind of backup system do you have?

What happens if your camera gets wet?

What happens if your camera/camera’s get stolen on the day?

When do you upload the photos to your computer?

What if your hard drive’s fail?

Does your second shooter keep the images on the day or do you?

.     .      .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

There are many more questions you could ask but these are the most important!

These are your once in a lifetime memories!


10 things your wedding photographer should have in place to secure your memories 


External cloud based storage or external hard drives. When I am talking about external, I mean not in their physical house or office and I say hard drives as they should have more than 1….

More than 1 camera handy on the day

A professional DSLR or mirrorless camera with dual SD card slots (this means it writes to 2 cards and not just 1)

A professional contract with their 2nd shooter where the main shooter and most importantly, the one who will be handing over the photos/editing them has access to all the photos to provide all the photos taken by them on the day.

Removal of the SD cards if they stop on the way home from your wedding for a coffee…

Insurance on their contents in their car.. so they can at least pay you back your money for the memories they lost + interest (if they refuse to follow the step above…)

A professional enough camera that it is at least semi water tight for those rainy days where the camera could blow up because it’s super soaked. That also means your SD cards and memories could be compromised. An umbrella usually does the trick or a professional wet weather cover that is suited to their camera. Don’t ask your photographer to stand out in the rain with no protection for them, you are risking your memories. Be smart and be sensible and remember that at the end of the day, it’s an electronic device that it holding photos of your day.

Have a system in place where the photos they take on that day, are on their computer the same day. SD cards can get lost, they are small, thin and easy to fall down behind cupboards, get trodden on and the chips can be damaged quite easily. If they are on the computer at least, it won’t matter if the SD card gets damaged.

Again, I stress that they should have the proper insurances…

They should be vigilant with their equipment on the day. I have heard a couple of stories where the photographer left their bag of cameras next to that building over there, while they were shooting the couple over here and the bag got stolen by a passerby and can you believe it… a wedding guest. There goes the memories of your day IF they had not secured the used SD cards onto their own self and left them sitting out there to be stolen.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Most of the time… a client would not even be aware of most of these points and would just assume their photographer has it under control.

Don’t assume… EVER

Once your memories are lost… they are gone.

The moment you hugged your granny and she died a week later…. gone

The moment your father walks you down the aisle… gone


ANY professional wedding photographer would not be offended being asked these questions either and if they are, then you would seriously need to question the integrity of the safety of your images on the day and after your special, once in a lifetime day….


Have any other questions, you want answered or me to write about?

Send me your questions and topics here at


Written by Diana Maddeford – any copying of this script, written sentence or republication must be at the approval of DianaM Photography or Diana Maddeford ©




Alyce and Freddy – November 2019

Alyce met Freddie whilst on a working holiday over in England. She fell in love with Freddie’s strong English accent and let’s just say the rest is a wonderful, loved up history!

We were honoured to be witnesses for Alyce and Freddie in their intimate and beautiful elopement ceremony within the stunning grounds of Chapel Hill Winery. Showing Freddie around the traps, we decided to show them a few different spots and made use of the beautiful backdrops of the Onkaparinga National Park and the unique river inlet at Port Noarlunga.



Just want to elope and have no-one else there?

We can act as witnesses and we promise we won’t let the secret out!

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Rebecca and Cameron – 9th November – The Manor

The location for Rebecca and Cameron’s wedding was fit for a King and Queen and what better king and queen to get married than Rebecca and Cameron.

After 8 years of life together they thought it might be time to announce the royal news they were to be wed.

The sun shone brightly for them as they shared an intimate but very funny ceremony with their nearest and dearest, with some travelling from many legions away.

After some very “slap happy” photos, they arrived at their reception to be ushered in with great applause as the fairy lights twinkled through the exposed beams and lit up the stained glass windows. It was time to drink and be merry and merry they were!

Congratulations Rebecca and Cameron. We wish you the most enchanted life together and hope it’s everything you wish for! – Russ and Diana




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Sally and Chris’s Surprise Wedding! 1st November 2019

Well what a party!

Sally was turning 40 and Sally’s partner Chris decided to throw Sally a “Party”…so they invited all their friends and family to help celebrate at the gorgeous boutique venue Ten22 but to the surprise of mostly everyone…

they got hitched!

Sally and Chris surprised their children together and everything came together perfectly!

Congratulations Sally and Chris!

Love The Venue? So Do We!

Emma and Sam – 26th October 2019

Saturday 26 October saw two beautiful people come together to get married in front of family and friends, on the beautiful Glenelg foreshore in front of the Stamford Grand.

High school sweethearts Emma & Sam have been together for over 10 years, with Sam’s proposal to Emma happening at their home south of Adelaide.

Emma was making a cup of tea one day, and turned to find Sam down on one knee, and the rest as they say is history!

We have worked with this beautiful couple once before, doing a family shoot with them, and their beautiful daughter Sophie early in 2018, and it was an honour to have them come back to us and ask us to capture their wedding.


Grace and Cameron! 25th October 2019

All I can say is WOW from Grace and Cameron’s wedding!

I still can not wipe the smile from my face!

As soon as Grace heard Cameron talk on a night out with friends she knew she was destined to be with him after being caught hook, line and sinker on his strong scottish accent…. and the rest is history… (well, not really.. it’s all captured in this Blog!)

Take a journey through their love story here… 

Pampas Grass – A Beautiful Evil

Pampas Grass….


Let’s have a chat about this.

I have been asked by a few of my brides where they can find Pampas grass and they usually don’t like my answer because it’s actually a really big threat to our native flora.

Pampas Grass may look lovely BUT it’s an extremely noxious weed and it’s illegal for any florist in most states of Australia to sell it because it’s so dangerous.
Pampas grass is native to South America and is considered a weed in most Australian states and territories as it competes with native vegetation and is a fire hazard.

It is a highly invasive plant, with each flower head producing up to 100,000 seeds that can spread to a 25-kilometre radius. It would take farmers and local council years and years to eradicate this weed if it ever too hold as it’s so evasive.

There are so many other native grasses that look just as good. Here are 6 that would look beautiful in any bouquet:

Weeping rice-grass (Microlaena stipoides) …

Kangaroo grass (Themeda triandra) …

Brush wiregrass (Aristida behriana) …

Windmill grass (Chloris truncata) …

Bottlebrush grass (Enneapogon nigricans) …

White top or wallaby grass (Rytidosperma species)


Please please think about how damaging pampas grass can be and respect our local flora and sub species of plants. It truly is a dangerous plant for our country.

You can get some good quality fake pampas from florists who deal in fake plants.


A bit of a break…


We thought we would explain why we have not been very active lately on our website and that’s because DianaM Photography has had a baby!

We welcomed our beautiful little baby boy Xavier on the 15th May 2019 and he has kept our hands a tad full!

We did work up until we couldn’t anymore and here are some of our latest weddings that kept us busy until our little boy arrived.


Emily and Matt – 16th Feb 2019



Richard and Catherine – 7th March 2019



David and Suong – 16th March 2019



Bec and Toby – 23rd March 2019



We have had a busy couple of months and we are booked out until the end of 2019 so are only taking 2020 bookings and beyond. If you would like to book your special day with us, then please contact us at to secure your date!


– Russ and Diana


Caitlin and Sam – 22nd September 2018

Yesterday was filled with love (and Ice-cream) for Caitlin and Sam’s gorgeous wedding!

It was held at the amazing Kuitpo Hall and decorated by MASE – Event Hire + Design with the catering by Adelaide Wood Fired Pizza, St. Louis Ice Cream Cart, Daisy Burger and Little Vintage Bar & Van.

The sun shone bright and Caitlin and her girls were cool cucumbers while Sam and the boys were all fired up and very nervous….

The effort that Caitlin and Sam put into the fine little details really shone throughout the day and it all came together to create a magical and wonderful wedding!

We wish you all the best Caitlin and Sam and thankyou for having us as your photographers!

Celebrant: Deborah Lilley CMC Marriage Celebrant

Cars: Classic Jags Wedding Cars Adelaide

Pre Ceremony BnB: Bed and Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Cake: Frangipani’s Cakes





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Hayley and Maddison – 23rd June 2018

Another wedding back to back Partridge House and the weather was very different for these high school sweethearts!

Hayley and Maddison met in high school and they have been inseparable ever since!

Their high school teacher said to them before they let high school that whenever they got married she would love to marry them and guess what!…..she did get to marry them!!!

What a beautiful story and they had the best bridal party in tow who were up for a few laughs, were easy going and they were all high school mates!

*insert sigh*

Thankyou for choosing us as your photographers Hayley and Maddison and it was truly beautiful to see the love you had for each other shine through in your vows and funny moments together! We also thought all of Maddison’s jokes were extra funny!



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Kasey and Tim – 16th June 2018

The weather really put on a show for us on Kasey and Tim’s special day.

The wind was a howling and the rain made sure that we had to have the ceremony inside the beautiful interior of Partridge House.

The ceremony was small and intimate with only immediate family present and we were honoured to be able to witness the heartfelt and emotional vows these 2 beautiful people shared with each other.

It was simple but elegant, classy yet full of laughter and we shared the celebrations of love back at Kasey and Tim’s house where they were able to relax with their bigger group of friends and family.

Kasey had the most gorgeous grazing table and bespoke bar and they really put so much effort into turning their backyard into a cute and vintage place where they could hold their reception. 



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