Jo + Simon 02.02.2020

Here is a little love story…
Once upon a time there was a volunteer called Jo and she was volunteering with the local noarlunga SES unit and in the same unit was a volunteer called Simon. It all started when Simon and Jo got assigned to a few of the same jobs together and there fellow unit members could see the love blossoming to the point where they would make sure that when ready to go on a truck to a job, they made sure Jo and Simon got on the same truck a few times to ensure they could continue their love story… and it did…. to the point that on Sunday the 2nd of February they joined hands and declared their true love for one another in front of their orange family and their non orange family and friends.
The team at SA State Emergency Service were kind enough to allow Jo and Simon to celebrate in style at the noarlunga unit headquarters where the vehicle shed was transformed into a quirky and wonderful playground where there was an icecream machine, a slushie machine, a caricature artist, a beautiful grazing table, and a fairy floss artist that was accompanied by some beautiful vintage accessories along with a jumpy castle for both kids and adults outside.
The ceremony was held in front of the famous USAR rubble pile and was officiated by Jo’s uncle who did a lovely reading whilst in his Army Camos as Gerald is a Salvation Army Red Shield Defence Service Representative. Jo and Simon sealed the deal by signing the marriage certificate on Simon’s fathers vintage desk and they walked the aisle in style as husband and wife surrounded by bubbles!
Things took a very FUN turn after that with a quick trip down to the Port Noarlunga jetty so they could finish in style by joining hands and jetty jumping in full wedding attire.
Lots of laughs were had and they truly celebrated their love for each other their way and in their style and it was glorious to witness and be a part of!
Congratulations Jo and Simon!

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