Courtney and Sam – 20.02.2021

It was within the stunning surrounds of Woodhouse Manor that Courtney and Sam joined hands in the company of god, friends and family to unite and become husband and wife.
After a bit of chasing on Sam’s part, these 2 adventurers found love with each other and now have a beautiful house, fur baby and their lives to look forward to together.
It was an honour being chosen to photograph your day Courtney and Sam and we can’t wait to see the next step you take together!
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Alana + Simon 17th Feb 2018

The day started off perfectly for these 2 lovebirds Alana and Simon with the day shining brightly and a cool breeze blowing. Alana was picture perfect and was such a calm bride! Alana had a beautiful fleet of luxury sport cars to travel in to the ever stunning Serafino winery where Alana and Simon exchanged beautiful vows under the tall gum trees to the sound of ducks and black cockatoos.

We ambled on down to the historic courthouse in Willunga where there were a few surprises and Simon got thrown in jail…where his ball and chain were securely attached!

Alana and Simon celebrated with family and Friends and maybe a pirate or 2…. in the beautiful barrel room at Serafino’s Winery in the stunning Mclaren Vale. 

*Venue: Serafino Wines

*Flowers: Clare’s Bloomers

*Celebrant: Martess Dowling Marriage Celebrant 


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Live FB Q & A Sessions coming up in 2018!


So an idea was put forward to me by a couple of clients. 

The idea was that I do some live FB videos explaining who I am as an artist, what my business is all about and answering FAQ’s and questions as a lot of the time, good proper answers to how a photographers works or how I work can not be transparently understood via email or what was on my website.

I agreed and to help educate my clients and have them gain a better understanding of who I am and what I can provide for them, I decided to do a test run on FB and did a live video of me editing a client’s photo.

The response was huge and I had over 25 people logged on and watching (well I thought that was huge for my little fb page) – including other photographers and after the live video finished, I had some great comments from people saying how much they learnt and could see how much effort I put into editing their photos and also had comments from other photographers saying that they had learnt little tips and tricks.

I am not a closed off person or business operator and will always help other photographers and believe truly in the power of networking so I have no problems sharing ideas with other photographers unless they try to blatantly copy my ideas or business model to a T, so again my series of videos that I am going to do is also going to be about creating some self worth for my fellow photographers aswell. 

Live video session dates

I will be doing a series of live videos where I will be answering questions that my clients have asked or would like to know every wednesday night. The first live video date will be on the 31st January at 7.30pm and then every consecutive wednesday after that and I will be answering 3 questions per night to get the ball rolling.

The first 3 questions will be:

1. Why photography and what do you love about it.
2. What made you start up your own photography business and do you think it’s been successful so far.
3. Where would you like to see your photography business in 5 and 10 years time.

If you did have a question you would like me to answer, then please pm me on my photography facebook page or email me at

See you wednesday!

Wedding Expos

Well a successful day was had at the Adelaide Weddings Group Kuitpo Hall Wedding Fair!

The sun shone bright and the temp soared as soon to be brides and their partners braved the heat to meet some fabulous wedding vendors ready to make their day great!

It was our first wedding expo so we were thrilled with the turn out of people and we chatted to quite a few lovely couples!

It was a great oppurtunity to test my setup of my stall aswell and from the feedback I got about it, it suited kuitpo hall perfectly!

With Kuitpo Hall expo now over, we turn our attention to our next wedding expo at the Beach Hotel at Seaford on the 25th February from 12pm till 3 pm.

There will be lots of wedding vendors to come down and speak to and see their lovely work so looking forward to seeing you there!

Come down and say hi at the Seaford Beach Hotel Wedding Open day!



Arielle and Joshua – 5th January 2018

The stars aligned for these 2 lovebirds when they met and together infront of family and friends, they declared their love for each other in the gorgeous surrounds of st francis winery. Arielle and Josh were true to themselves and put a little bit of their personality into everything that went into their wedding day including the meat cleaver for the cake cutter!

Thankyou Arielle and Josh for having us as your photographers and we wish you all the best in your future together!


Naomi and Glen – 4th November 2017

Haines Memorial Park was the setting for the wedding of Naomi and Glen on Sat 4th November 2017. The sun shone bright and the bees and the birds celebrated with them in the lush garden of the memorial Park, surrounded by friends and family, Naomi and Glen had a relaxed but intimate ceremony. Congratulations Naomi and Glen and we wish you all the best for your little family! x


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Candice + Reece 14.10.17

We celebrated in style with Candice and Reece at the Adelaide Zoo where they held an intimate and private Ceremony with lots of laughs had and many a tear shed as Cherie Strachan from Dream Love Celebrant Services shared the wonderful story of how these two lovebirds met and have since made their love for each other so strong.

Candice and Reece and their bridal party were so much fun and they were really up for anything! We took some amazing funny shots and here are just a few for some sneaky peeks!

Thankyou Candice and Reece and we had such a fun day. We are so glad we met you both and we hope your lives together are filled with fun, laughter and family xxx



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What’s been going on….

We haven’t posted for a while as we have been so busy this last month and with wedding season now finally here and in full force, we thought we better update before we don’t have time to!

Our latest wedding only last weekend was between Jodie and Adrian and was held on the stunning grounds of the Cruising Yacht Club of SA and what we thought was going to be a rainy day, turned out nice and bright and full of sunshine for us!

The day was full of love, laughter and the mention of Holden and footy multiple times as we had a gorgeous photo shoot on the Semaphore Jetty and on one of the spectacular yachts moored at the Cruising yacht club.

The night was finished with an intimate Father/Daughter dance that brought a tear to your eye and some pretty groovy dance floor moves had by everyone!

Congratulations Jodie and Adrian and we wish you all the best in your future together!

Coming up for us at DianaM Photography, we have our regular gig at the HWY Hotel with our social snaps, our Frocktober Event at the Hwy where they are raising Money for the Ovarian Cancer Council, we also have Engagement Parties, Birthdays and some more weddings  to be captured and from here until the end of December, we are going to be busy little bunnies!

If you have a special event or a wedding which you need our services for, then please contact us to secure your date as they are filling fast!

-Diana and Russ


Nicole + Alex 19.08.17

What a beautiful day it turned out to be for Nicole and Alex’s Day!

Turning up in her dad’s vintage car (the one he arrived in when he got married), Nicole walked up the aisle to meet her soulmate in the surrounds of the ever lovely Gardens of St Francis Winery in Old Reynella SA.

Entering their reception to the Star Wars theme song, the scene was set for an unforgettable night with a beautiful lamington cake and some more theme songs from DJ Thomas McNally getting everyone in the mood to light up the dance floor.

Congratulations Nicole and Alex and we wish you all the best for your wonderful future together!

-Diana and Russ

David + Monica’s engagement party

A celebration between these 2 loved up people was held at the Holdy (Holdfast Hotel) and family and friends joined them to celebrate their engagement party!

Thankyou for having me as your photographer guys!


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Matt + Alli’s Engagement Party

A vintage glamour theme set the scene for Matt and Alli’s engagement party at the Seaford Beach Hotel on sat night!

Cute little hessian wrapped jars, a donut board made by her talented dad, a beautifully written welcome board and flowers galore adorned the room and a hand made photo booth topped it all off!

We had so much fun setting up some funny shots and your girls were the best!

Thankyou so much for having me as your photographer Alli and Matt and I wish you all the best for your future together!

– Diana x


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Hwy’s new Native Creative Launch

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the Native Creative menu that the Highway Hotel was promoting for the next 2 weeks only.

Some great food bloggers joined me including representation from Glamm Adelaide, Adelaidian and Feed Me Adelaide.

I was asked to take some photos so the Hwy could use some for their social media and for a taste of this wonderful menu, I was more than happy to oblige!

When I saw the menu, my first reaction was “oh dear, it’s got 2 seafood dishes”….because I don’t eat seafood but I thought I’d be brave and taste them anyway. The highway is renowned for it’s great food, so it couldn’t be that bad!

Dish 1: Moreton Bay Bug Tails with Pickled Riberry, White Carrot and Karkalla


For a non seafood eater, this was tasty!! Loved the texture and it didn’t taste fishy at all! The Karkalla added a nice flavour hit and the sauce was just devine! The white carrots were subtle but cooked to perfection and the Riberries added that nice tartness to balance out the sauce. Overall a score of 10/10 (for a seafood dish)

Dish 2: Seared paroo Kangaroo fillet with Muntries, Beetroot, Barilla Leaves and Puffed Grains.


Again…as I am a boring eater, I haven’t been exposed to kangaroo a lot either and my first thought was… yum..meat..I’ll eat it!

The texture and flavour in that kangaroo was just devine. The chef has cooked it very nicely and there was no toughness in it at all. The smoky flavour hit the tongue like a warm hug and then the beetroot came along and put the cherry on top. It was beautiful and sweet and not tart at all and worked really well with the puffed grains and the slight saltiness of them. The muntries I had never tasted before but they were another nice flavour boost. Lot’s of unique flavours in the one dish! Score 9/10 – Simply because the raw onion was a bit much. Maybe 1 would have been enough.

Dish 3: 500g Thornby Lamb Rump with creamed warrigal greens, saltbush and potato crisp salad


The lamb was cooked perfectly and had little fat. I understand that meat needs some fat to increase the flavour, but this was nice not having too much fat either and allowed your palate to focus on the meat itself more. The Jus was amazing and full of flavour, it was nice and full bodied and worked well with the asparagus. The potato crisps were little morsels of heaven and were nice and crunchy and not overcooked. Now…the saltbush! I could have eaten that all day! My first taste of saltbush ever and it was the most tastiest plant I have ever consumed. I am going to go down to Bunnings and grab myself a pot this week, just so I can grow some so I can eat it! Overall a lovely and well put together dish 10/10 – could not fault one single element in this dish

Dish 4: Robarra Baby Barramundi with native Ficinia Nodosa Bushes, Lemon Myrtle, Samphire and Native Thyme Butter



Unfortunately there was not enough to go around on this dish, so I missed out, which was more than fine as not being a seafood eater, I was more than happy to sit this one out although would have loved to have tasted a potato! The dish itself looked amazing and was so colourful. Very good value for money too as the meat that was coming off the fish looked full and fat with nice white fillets being served. The potatoes and the Thyme butter smelt so good. 8 – 10 – only because I couldn’t taste it so can’t comment fully

Dish 5 – Rosella Sorbet with Poached Quandong, Wattle seed tuile and violet sugar


I love desserts! I have to say…when I saw the sorbet on the menu I knew this was going to be my favourite dish of them all. I could literally live in a dessert cafe somewhere and so this just tempted my tastebuds to no degree! When the dish got served, the first thing I noticed was the colour. It didn’t look like a dish that would be served up in the colder months and reminded me of summer and spring and really looked rather beautiful in all it’s colourful glory. The sorbet was amazing! It was tart, fresh, flavoursome and sweet all at the same time and went off with a big bang! I have never tasted quandongs before and so was a bit hesitant to try them but after a few coaxing words from a friend, I ate one and it tasted to me like a tarty version of an apricot and was not unpleasant at all and rather nice. The wattle seed tuile was to die for and I could have eaten a whole box if given the chance. It was war,, it was wholesome and full of flavour and not gritty at all. Spot On! The violet sugar was another experience I have never had before either and although small was really yummy and wasn’t as sweet as normal sugar, which I thought was rather nice and worked well with the tart of the sorbet. A very nice end to the tasting and left my palate nice and fresh. Score: 10 /10


Overall the 5 dishes were very creative and beautiful and were almost works of art on the plate with the colours and textures displayed.

I can’t believe they are only going to be around for 2 weeks!

Make sure that you get in to taste these wonderful dishes.

If you need any of your food photographed then please CONTACT ME today to book in your date.