Hello and welcome to my photography journey…

Diana – Principal Photographer 


I started photography back in 2005 and have never looked back!

My love of photography stems from being in my local camera club and have now been a member for 13 years. The skills, friendships and education I get from the club have helped me get to where I am today.

In 2013 DianaM Photography was created and has been growing steadily year by year, upon my journey I have been able to capture some beautiful memories and moments in my clients Lives.

My style of photography is modern, light and natural. I try not to overpose and love capturing the moments as they happen and the raw emotions of the moment.

I love creating and designing, making my ideas merge into a photo and also testing the boundaries of my clients and making their inner spirited personality come out. 

My favourite subject to photograph will always be our world around us. There is so much colour, diversity and education we can get from nature and to capture it within my camera and then share for everyone to see, really makes me happy. My next favourite area of photography is weddings. I love the atmosphere, the couples I meet, the intimate moments and funny stories I get to see and hear. I could attend weddings every day for the rest of my life and never ever get bored of them. It’s one day where everyone is happy, in love and the world seems like a wonderful place to be in.

I like to challenge myself and make myself look at every angle, all perspectives and every second counts because as soon as you capture it, you already own something of the past.

I aim to create a comfortable, friendly, fun but most importantly professional environment and pride myself on excellent customer service (jokes and laughter included).

Specialising in weddings and events, I also work with families, pets, children, corporate businesses and commissioned contracts.


A little Bit about us…..


My name is Diana and together with my fiancee Russell we are the team behind DianaM Photography!

We love Nature, I love the beach and to Surf, we love wide open spaces and the fresh clean air of the country, have far too many pets for 2 people, love music and are really easy going and relaxed.

We love to travel, have an unhealthy addiction to chocolate and and we are always creating something or getting behind the camera to go exploring to capture that elusive “That’s the one!”

We believe that love is love and believe in equality for all and we welcome all clients that have a love of life and want to create some loved up and happy memories whether it be on your wedding day, a relaxed family shoot or for a big celebration of any kind!

Russ and I are best friends, partners in life and we make a really solid, hard working and dedicated team that aim to bring you fun, friendly and creative photos of your time spent on this wonderful place we call earth! 



I hope that in the future we can work together and please enjoy our photography for what it is, a moment captured…a window in time…a look into someone’s life…a showcase of beauty and nature…a time to reflect and take a breath.

-Diana and Russ-