What kind of style do you shoot?

I shoot more of a photojournalistic style and I don’t do tacky or cliche poses. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to try and get your individual and unique personalities to come out.

The only time I pose and direct is when I am doing the bridal party, personal bride and groom shoot and creative hour.

The rest of the time, I float around like a butterfly or hop around like a ninja….capturing all the best moments that happen naturally and beautifully!

Photography is all about capturing the moment and nearly all of the best moments happen when you interact naturally as a newly married couple, I mean we can crack all the dad jokes in the world to try and get you to laugh but it looks much better when you are laughing at how funny and beautiful your wife or husband is looking while trying to jump in the air while we try and capture them mid air… yes…that’s kinda how we roll…

Do you photoshop your images?

Yes! I edit my photos with a variety of professional software platforms to ensure the best skin tones, the perfect light and to ensure consistency within my images and of course to make you look amazing! I don’t supply unedited images as that is not how I finish or create my artwork that you have commissioned me to do.

How do we go about meeting before the wedding day?

I organise a time to meet with you before your big day to go through my portfolio, explain what equipment I use, so that you can meet our team and see if you connect with my style of photography and to explain the terms and conditions of the contract. This meeting or meetings can be done any place. A cafe is a good start and everyone loves a good chinwag over a coffee right?

How do we book you?

To book your date with me I require a booking fee of $250 and the contract to be signed along with the terms and conditions to secure your date. This is a standard booking fee and standard procedure and ensures that on the day, if you did want to sign the contract on our first meeting, we can make sure that everything is filled out properly and all the fun things you have planned for your day are written down and remembered. Once the booking fee has been paid, then your date is secure and I won’t take anymore bookings for that date. Final payment of your wedding is to be paid 2 weeks before your wedding. I take payment before your wedding and not after because then it ensures that I can get your album and prints made in a timely fashion and don’t keep you waiting eagerly for your photos!

Do you have an ABN, are registered as a business and have insurance?

Yes, yes and yes! I have an ABN, am a fully registered business and am fully insured for your own safety and for mine aswell. If you need details of any of this, then please talk to me and I’ll explain the details.

Is there a contract?

Yes! There is a contract and terms and conditions that we go through for signature upon booking. This means that we are all on the same page and it goes through everything from cancellations, to what you get on the day and what you also get after your big day has finished regarding turnaround time of photos, products and warranties. I promise also to personally explain every dot point to ensure that important things are not just skipped over and misinterpreted.

Do you offer an engagement session?

Yes I do! I have it at a special rate, just to cover my time, for all my brides and grooms! It’s a great way to showcase to you how I work in front of the camera, to feel comfortable with my posing, you get to see what equipment I use, experience my ninja skills and also get some great photos that you can use for save the date cards, invitations and social media!

What does your all day package involve? Are you with us all day?

Yes! I am with you ALL DAY, from the moment you need me in the morning till the moment you don’t need me at night. I look after myself with food all day except for reception where a meal is to be provided for me and my second shooter and that’s all the fuss I need! I will be your shadow and the hours are up to 12 with package 3. If you need us for more, we are happy to oblige and can add that to the package!

Do you have a backup camera?

Yes! I do have a backup camera. I have 1 5DM3 (Canon) and 1 5DM4 that I use on the day. I also have a full range of lighting equipment, lenses and enough batteries and SD cards to get me through 3 days worth of shooting! I always have a backup camera as that ensures that your day is not missed due to technical failure! I do look a bit like Arnie walking around with my camera slings, ready to shoot whatever is happening! My second shooter also has cameras so we are all covered!

When can I expect my Photos after my wedding day?

I always tell my clients between 6 – 7 weeks as my editing style is not rushed and I take great care in editing the images properly and thoroughly. I only use professional editing software and am honest with my clients as I do have a life outside of my photography and so 6 – 7 weeks usually covers an all day wedding. I provide all my clients with high resolution jpeg images that allow you to print them if you wish for your own personal use up to the size of a 20 x 24 print. You will also get a Facebook Album of selected images within my facebook page that will allow you to tag and share with friends and family before you get your photos. In peak wedding season (SEPT – MAR), the eta on photos can be delayed by up to 12 weeks. I also don’t subcontract my editing out to an external editing firm because you have paid me for my artwork and not somebody else’s.

 Do you scout locations before my wedding day?

Yes I do. I make sure I am familiar with where you are getting married and also make sure that I look at lighting, shadows and reflections so I am fully prepared as to how I am going to photograph and work with you on the day. We can do this together also and that ensures we can listen to each others ideas and come up with a fantastical plan!

What happens if you can’t make it due to emergency or accident?

I have a great network of photographers and have a core backup emergency team so if there is a state of emergency and I cannot attend your wedding, then my second shooter would take over or I would arrange a replacement photographer to the best of my ability and availability.

If I have set photos in mind is it best to give you a shot list before the day?

It would be preferred, especially if the shots you have in mind, might require props or different lighting or certain people. This is your day and we want to get the photos you want and need so a shot list would be great! My style of photography is natural and I tend to take photos as they happen and don’t pose too much but when it comes to the photos of the bride and groom and bridal party then a more posed style can come into play. Why not have some fun while we are at it! It’s also important that if you are having group family photos that you have the order in which you want each group to be photographed, to ensure a smooth transition between each group, so your guests and family are not standing around (just incase it’s super hot or you have elderly family members)

What happens if it rains on the day and you can’t take photos?

As a photographer, I must adapt to the weather and work around it although photos in the rain do look stunning when backlit and some great shots can be taken when the clouds are nice and stormy! We can always look at other locations and I don’t mind getting wet to get that “perfect shot”. Why not have some fun and get some shots with the umbrellas whilst having a laugh? Shots like that can conjure up a light hearted feel to the photo.

Do you charge a travel fee?

Yes I do. I charge a nominal fee for my time travelling in my car if it’s over 50kms from my place of residence and obviously for interstate or overseas travel. If I do have to book accommodation or flights, then my cost of my accommodation and flights is also included in my quote to you. I am upfront and honest with my clients about this and don’t add these costs in after you have received your quote from me. Giving me as much information as possible when enquiring about your wedding, ensures that when you get your quote, all costs are accounted for. I would rather give you the best price I can upfront then try and cover my “free” travel costs in my packages and make my packages more expensive for everyone.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask these in our first consultation together.