Sally + Adam


On the 8th October 2016 I was witness and Photographer for Sally and Adam!

Their wedding was due to be held at Waterfall Gully but unfortunately a landslide forced them to change venues at the last minute.

Fortunately for them, the lovely people that owned Utopia also owned Glanville Hall at Semaphore and so the venue was quickly changed and what a venue it was!

The day shone bright for us as the Yellow Monaro and the Silver Impala pulled up on the gravel driveway and the bridesmaids all pretty in pink fluttered out followed by the gorgeous bride and her father.

Glamourous Vintage was the theme of the wedding and featured lawn games such as croquet and badminton, Vintage lounges with gold trim, old ladders filled with glass jars and vintage photo frames and the backdrop to the ceremony was a beautiful arch made from wood, with large glass terrariums hanging from the branches filled with little cactus and wildflowers.

The scene was set for the whole day and I just had to capture some photos of the couple under the HUGE fig tree around the back of the hall, it’s old and expansive branches reaching out to the sun, it’s roots making organic benches for the wedding party to sit and lean against.

All in all it was a beautiful wedding and I was honoured to be the Photographer

Congratulations Sally + Adam

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