The HWY 03.09.16

Another Crazy night at the HWY!

Everyone was in such a good mood and everyone wanted their photo taken!

Thanks for the memories Clubbers!!

Why I love being an Social Event Photographer





Social and Event Photography….

Nightclubs, Pubs and Sporting Clubs, Corporate Events and Commercial Events all fall under the category of Social and Event Photography.

To see my Latest Social Photography Event at Lava and Madame Josephine’s then please click Here to view Lava’s Album and Here to See Madame Josephine’s Album. (Editing completed By Lava)

Usually the mood is one of elation, happiness and excitement. People already understand that their photo will be taken so as a photographer, it makes my job that little bit easier. I love capturing the smaller moments like people dancing, laughing and taking that sneaky shot…couples who look into each other’s eyes as they hide in that dark corner enjoying the music, the dancer who feels the need to dance like there is no tomorrow, the Hen taking a multitude of shots with her friends who have all come out to celebrate her, the workmate who might be that “shy one”…until he hits the dance floor in that suit and tie and the effort and consideration that companies make to decorate their corporate event.

Moments are happening and nothing is forced. Companies have a record of their happy employees and people have a snapshot of a happy moment in their life where all that matters is having fun…… and dancing like no one’s watching…..

That’s why I love Social Event Photography….

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