Live FB Q & A Sessions coming up in 2018!


So an idea was put forward to me by a couple of clients. 

The idea was that I do some live FB videos explaining who I am as an artist, what my business is all about and answering FAQ’s and questions as a lot of the time, good proper answers to how a photographers works or how I work can not be transparently understood via email or what was on my website.

I agreed and to help educate my clients and have them gain a better understanding of who I am and what I can provide for them, I decided to do a test run on FB and did a live video of me editing a client’s photo.

The response was huge and I had over 25 people logged on and watching (well I thought that was huge for my little fb page) – including other photographers and after the live video finished, I had some great comments from people saying how much they learnt and could see how much effort I put into editing their photos and also had comments from other photographers saying that they had learnt little tips and tricks.

I am not a closed off person or business operator and will always help other photographers and believe truly in the power of networking so I have no problems sharing ideas with other photographers unless they try to blatantly copy my ideas or business model to a T, so again my series of videos that I am going to do is also going to be about creating some self worth for my fellow photographers aswell. 

Live video session dates

I will be doing a series of live videos where I will be answering questions that my clients have asked or would like to know every wednesday night. The first live video date will be on the 31st January at 7.30pm and then every consecutive wednesday after that and I will be answering 3 questions per night to get the ball rolling.

The first 3 questions will be:

1. Why photography and what do you love about it.
2. What made you start up your own photography business and do you think it’s been successful so far.
3. Where would you like to see your photography business in 5 and 10 years time.

If you did have a question you would like me to answer, then please pm me on my photography facebook page or email me at

See you wednesday!

Mexican Party HWY 02.10.16


Fiesta Time! Everyone looked so great all dressed up and the HWY did an amazing job with the Decorations! 

With everyone on a high from yesterday’s Grand Final win everyone was rocking a sombrero and while having a tequila in hand!

So Colourful and there was some amazing Face Painting Going on!

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HWY NIGHT 01.10.16

With everyone super happy (or not) with the outcome of the AFL Grand Final earlier in the afternoon, the Party was at full swing at night with everyone ready to dance and pose infront of my Camera!

It made the night fun and I got some great shots on the dance floor!

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*Photos can be purchased individually without watermark or logo*

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The HWY 03.09.16

Another Crazy night at the HWY!

Everyone was in such a good mood and everyone wanted their photo taken!

Thanks for the memories Clubbers!!

HWY 23.07.16

Another cold and chilly night at the Hwy!




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Cocktails were flowing freely and the shots were being shared by friends everywhere!




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Pandora Marion

I attended the Pandora Marion VIP event on Sunday with a friend and had a styling session and decided while my styling session was going ahead to take some photos of the Charms I myself wanted.




I then shared them to their facebook page and was delighted when they mentioned my Business in their facebook post!




It’s always great to see a Business like Pandora value your work and think it’s of a professional standard!




Thankyou Pandora Marion!


Leanne + Kevin

On the 16th July 2016 I had the pleasure of being asked to photograph the wedding of Leanne and Kevin Robinson.

It turned out to be a beautiful day after having such a cold, wet and miserable week! I think we had all our fingers crossed the night before!

The ceremony was held at the Largs Pier Hotel in the outdoor undercover reception area with a great view of the ocean, the jetty and the odd pedestrian….

Leanne and Kevin had made up some beautiful signs to honour those that had passed and had even created their own hashtag! #leannekevinrobinson

With guests starting to arrive, bolstered by the sunshine, the mood was a happy one and everyone eagerly awaited the arrival of the bride.

The bridesmaids were Leanne’s 5 Daughters and they all looked stunning in various shades of Black and Gold and behind them came Leanne in her stunning black and white Dress, with Roses adorned by her Grandmother’s brooch as something old, her smile making the sun look tiny….




The Celebrant was the very happy and vibrant Sandra Haynes.



The Ceremony was quick but full of Laughter, Love and the odd Tear or two.

Family Photos were a must and everyone congratulated Mr and Mrs Robinson.

We then headed out to the Old Port Adelaide Wool Houses with a quick stop to stand by the big Croc!

The woolsheds were bathed in beautiful afternoon light and golden hour was truly upon us.

The old bricks, the cracked windows, the old fire bells, the wooden doors with peeling paint, old wooden sleepers and rusty air vents greeted us warmly and made for some stunning backdrops.

I got to test out my new lights and we even got the help of a few buses and cars that just had to drive past and give us a hoot or a sticky beak…..

With the sun fading fast, we then shot back to the Largs Bay Jetty to get that nice orange sunset and that’s what we got with some beautiful reds and oranges to greet us before Leanne and Kevin had to get back to their guests for the black and gold reception that Leanne had meticulously created herself.

The love that Leanne and Kevin had for each other really came out in the photos and we wish them all the best in their life together!